Child Abuse

Sexual abuse is a type of child abuse. However, there are other ways in which adults can abuse children, which may include:

Physical Abuse – hitting, punching, kicking, shaking, burning, pulling hair etc.

Verbal Abuse – threats, name calling, put downs etc.

Emotional Abuse – verbal abuse, repeated criticism or teasing, intimidation

Neglect – failing to provide food, clothing or health care

Isolation – repeatedly preventing contact with other people such as family and/or friends

If you are being affected by anything like this, try and get some help as soon as possible. No-one has the right to treat you in this way.

You can telephone ChildLine on 0800 1111, they will listen to you and offer you support.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence happens when one person in a relationship tries to control the other person by using the types of abuse such as physical, verbal, emotional and isolation.

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Sexual Health

The main thing to remember about having sex is that you have a choice of whether you want to or not. If you feel in any way pressured, remember you have a right to say NO.

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