What happens at the assessment?

The purpose

The purpose

If you think you would like counselling you will need to call and make an appointment for an initial assessment. You will then be asked to come to Truro on a Tuesday for a one off meeting, we will then do our best to find you a counsellor in the area you live after that.

The initial assessment can take between 20 – 40 minutes, this is dependent on how much you want to talk.

The purpose

The purpose of the assessment is for CRASAC to take down your details such as address, phone number etc. It is also here that you can tell us what has happened to you and why you would like counselling.

You don’t have to go into details you can give a very brief outline if you prefer. Some people don’t know how they are going to react at the assessment and this is absolutely fine.

Everyone who visits us is anxious and just about everybody that comes for assessment says they nearly didn’t come!

We understand how frightening it can be to make that first appointment. We understand the courage it takes to begin the process of speaking about something that may have never been spoken about before.

We hope that after the assessment most people feel relieved, partially that it wasn’t as bad as they thought it might be, but also because the hardest step has been completed.

It is also really helpful if you can tell us about any mental health problems, any diagnosis you may have been given and anything else that you think may help us help you.

Most people that come for assessment go on to have counselling but occasionally it may be necessary to have another appointment. This might be because we believe that you may need more support put in place or a further assessment by another health professional.

After the assessment

After the assessment a counsellor will contact you within two weeks to arrange your first counselling session. We will do our best to arrange your counselling sessions in the area that you live.

If you book an assessment and find that you cannot make it or you are feeling too nervous please don’t worry. Ideally phone the office to cancel and then make another appointment.

We are patient, we don’t mind how many attempts you make to get to us as long as you do!

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