Reading can be a very theraputic activity and many people have found the words of His Holiness the Dalai Lama extremely helpful during difficult times. You can find his books in many good bookshops and if you do enjoy them, you should also try books by Lama Surya Das.

Thich Nat Hhan is a Vietnamese Buddhist who has written many amazing books. A great online recourse is which has an online shop filled with books, tapes and DVD’s.

Here is a list of other books you may find useful:

The Courage To Heal

A guide for survivors. By Ellen Bass and Laura Davis

Healing The Child Within

Discovery and recovery for adult children of dysfunctional families. By Charles L.Whitfield,M.D

Beginning to Heal

A first book for men and women who were sexually abused. By Ellen Bass and Laura Davis

Sexual Anorexia

Demonstrates how an extreme fear of sexual intimacy & obsessive avoidance of sex often arises from a background of childhood sexual trauma, neglect & other forms of abuse; explores sexual health. By Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

Surviving Sexual Abuse

Exercises to help and understand present problems, keeping safe, guilt and self blame feelings about yourself. By Carolyn Ainscough & Kay Toon.

I Never Told Anyone: Writings by Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Testimonies and accounts of struggling to come to terms with their emotional response to childhood abuse. By Ellen Bass

How Long Does It Hurt? Guide to Recovering from Incest & Sexual Abuse for Teenagers, Their Friends & Families

Step-by-step guide that speaks directly to sexually abused teenagers about coming to grips with what is happening to them & overcoming the isolation, confusion and self-doubt they feel. By Cynthia,L Mather. Kristina,E Debye. JudyWood and Celiana Gill

Self-harm: perspectives from personal experience

Shortlisted for the 1994 MIND Book of the year award, this is an enlightening and practical resource for anyone who harms themselves, and for those who care for them. It contains first hand accounts from people who have self-harmed, as well as recommendations, from the service-user perspective, for both those who self-harm and professionals. It also contains a useful list of organisations that provide support and information.

Editor: Louise Roxanne Pembroke

Publisher: Chipmunka/Survivors Speak Out

Overcoming Childhood Trauma: A self-help guide using cognitive-behavioural techniques

A self-help manual for those who have suffered abuse in childhood who now struggle with its legacy. It helps sufferers understand the links between past trauma and present difficulties and offers ways to gain control over their current problems, whether they be intrusive memories, mood swings or difficulties in relationships.

By Helen Kennerly.

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