Depression can come in many forms

Depression can come in many forms

Depression can come in many forms. If you are feeling different to your usual self, are not interested in the things you used to be interested in, feel sad a lot of the time you may be depressed. There are lots of different feelings linked with depression and they are unique to each person.

Some people don’t want to eat anything and others want to eat all of the time. Some people have difficulty sleeping and others want to sleep all of the time.The overall feeling is one of sadness and isolation, you may feel that nobody loves you or cares about you, you may feel there is no point in living and that everyone else would be better off without you.

You may feel hopeless and helpless

Depression can be like a black hole that you feel you are in with no way out. You may feel that life is too painful to bear and want to end it all.

One of the things about depression is that it does get better but we know this is a really hard thing to believe when you are feeling so down. There are many different reasons why people get depressed. 

  • It can be a biological cause, which means that the body’s chemicals are out of balance.
  • It could be a reaction to something that has happened to you in the past.
  • It may be about something that is happening to you now e.g. If you are being bullied/abused by somebody.
  • It can be about the weather, there is something called SAD which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. This happens in the autumn and winter when the daylight hours get shorter, this can make some people feel depressed.

The difficult thing about depression is that it can be a vicious circle. The things that will help you feel better can be the things that you don’t feel like doing. It is proven that exercise is something that can help, if you have a depression that makes you want to sleep all day or do nothing this can be a hard thing to make yourself do. 

If you are feeling down and would like to try talking to someone about it, there are people that can help. It may be a good idea for you to go to your Doctor to discuss what options you have, which may include antidepressants and or counselling.

Although you may feel alone there are people that can help you. Your bad feelings won’t last forever, try and help yourself by thinking about positive things so that you can move on from these feelings.

If it all feels too much

Sometimes the horrible feelings or memories people experience when they have been sexually abused or raped may feel completely overwhelming. This can be very frightening, leading people to feel they are ‘going mad’ or to perhaps have suicidal thoughts.

If you feel this way, try to remember that there are people who care and want to help you.

If you need to speak to someone urgently, call:

ChildLine free on 0800 1111 (24 hour Helpline under 18yrs)

The Samaritans free on 08457 909090 (24 hour Helpline)


The feelings that you get when you are anxious are similar to those of feeling afraid or frightened. This means that you may get physical symptoms such as sweating, quickened heart beat, or ‘butterflies’ in your stomach.

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Drugs and Alcohol – Some people who have been affected by sexual abuse or rape may use alcohol or street drugs as a way of coping with the painful feelings they are left with. Often, it can be a way of blocking out what happened and all the terrible thoughts and feelings.

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Guit and Shame

Should I feel guilty because I didn’t stop the abuse? No, even though it is very common for people who have been sexually abused to feel this way. When an adult sexually abuses a child, they are using their power over you to make you do things they know are wrong.

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Anger can be a frightening emotion but if dealt with properly can be a healthy one. People that have been abused have a right to be angry. If you have feelings of anger that you find overwhelming it is important you get some help.

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Eating Disorders

The National Centre for Eating Disorders state that there are thousands of people suffering from eating disorders who feel they have weight problems and may be obsessed with food and weight. Eating disorders include Anorexia, Bulimia and Compulsive Overeating or Binge Eating.

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Nightmares and Flashbacks – A flashback is like reliving a distressing event that may have happened recently or many years ago. Many people who have been sexually abused or raped experience flashbacks. They can be triggered by a place, a smell or even a sound.

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ChildLine free on 08001111 (24 hour Helpline under 18yrs) The Samaritans free on 08457 909090 (24 hour Helpline)