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Counsellors will never persuade you to issue a report, but will support you in your decision either way.

Some people feel that they cannot start their healing until they have reported and others feel that they couldn’t ever contemplate it. Sometimes during the counselling process people change their minds and that is ok, whichever decision you make will be supported by the counsellor.

Disadvantages of reporting

  • Reporting does not necessarily mean the rapist/abuser will be convicted, neither does a conviction necessarily result in a prison sentence.
  • You will set in motion a process over which you have little or no control and which is difficult, although not impossible, to stop.


The term Mindfulness refers to an awareness of what is happening both inside and out of our bodies and minds. It is about appreciating the world around us and prioritising things that are important to us such as time with friends, music or a connection with nature. It is also about ensuring we take care of our mind and body.

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Meditation is a time we take to sit quietly and let the mind relax. The constant stream of thoughts that run through our mind can often become overwhelming. Meditation enables us to let those thoughts quieten and soften, allowing us to find a stillness and ease which helps us with our daily thoughts and activities.

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Whether or not you want to go to the police to report rape or sexual abuse can be a difficult decision to make. We have used this section to include helpful information about the process of reporting to the police to help you make the choice that is best for you – this should be your decision and you shouldn’t feel pressured either way.

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