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i've always coped with the abused i suffered in the past, but this passed year, i have had more and more flash backs and have not been able to put them to the back of my mind like i used to be able to do. i was sexually abused by a family friend from the age of 10 to 15, i was also mentally and emotionally abused by other family members. i left the city i was living in when i was 16 and never looked back, but last year, after 22 years my dad tried to find me, i refused to talk to him but my bother did and went back to visit, he was dying but i couldnt forgive the man for the mental and emotional abuse he put me through so i never even contacted him. he died this year and now i am having panic attacks and flash backs. 3 months ago i was scrolling through facebook and i come across a name that i havent thought about in years, i clicked and was faced with the person, who is now a man that had sexually abused me, his face staring back at me. i know i shouldn't of gone futhur than i did, but his Facebook page was open to view, so i started looking at his photos, everyday since then i have remembered every single day, of that time and i'm just not coping like i used to. i'm almost 40 now, shouldnt this all be behind me by now, why have i been able to cope for over 20 years but now i feel like i am falling apart and i can't even tell anyone.  
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Asked on August 14, 2017 1:15 pm

Hello I am so sorry you are still suffering from the abuse you have experienced. It sounds like you could do with talking this through with a counsellor. Please get in touch on 01872 262100 and if you live in Cornwall we can get you booked in for an initial assessment. If you live elsewhere we can help you access support. Take care and we are here if you need us.

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Answered On August 14, 2017 1:27 pm