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I am 15 andI have been sexual assaulted and raped on countless occasions. Today we had someone come into school to talk about internet saftey, sexting, nudes, and sexual abuse. It was hard to sit through, but I couldn't walk out as people will start to work it out if I walk out of class every time something brings back the memories. My friend seemed really upset so I asked her what was wrong told the talk brought back memories. After a while I managed to get her to tell me that a couple of years ago someone our age touched her inappropriately and wouldn't stop when she told him to. I took her to see a teacher that is easy to talk to, understanding, and she knows about my problems and my freind gets on with, the teacher took my freind to one of the safeguarding people in the school and they said that they will ring her mum. My freind dosent want her mum to know. She didnt even want me to know, I made her tell a teacher did I do the right thing?
Posted by geoff dunham
Asked on January 10, 2016 11:06 am

i understand your concern as whether you did the right thing for your friend, but you did. You were trying to help and protect her. If you are under age then the school has a duty of care to try to keep young people safe. It is really hard sometimes about getting parents involved and understand often that people don’t want them to know. However in an ideal world the parent will understand and get the young person some support. Hopefully your friends mum will be helpful and supportive . Please give your friend our details and if she wants to talk to someone we can arrange it , depending on where she lives.

My other concern is you, you sound like you have been through a great deal yourself, it’s really important you get some support. Please call us on 01872 262100 or. Email – help@crasac.co.uk

Posted by admin
Answered On January 10, 2016 11:09 am